El Huachu - 9,862 Acres - Argentina

RP 11
La Pampa, LP 0000


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  REF/ID # 543139

 Approx. 9862 Acres
Ranch Investments &  Associates
a Jorstep DBA
Phone: 800-447-8604
E-mail: info@ranchinvestments.com


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Beautiful Argentine Estancia for sale in the heart of cattle country. The farm totals of 3,991 hectares (9,862 acres) consisting of approximately 2,225 acres of alfalfa, 6730 acres of cultivation and 907 acres of native brush. Carrying capacity of the farm is approximately 4,000 mother cows or 7,000 yearlings. The property is divided into 36 paddocks of approximately 275 acres each. Grain storage capacity of 100,000 tons along with truck scales and large fuel storage tank. There are 2 sets of working pens on the farm. One with scales and both with load-outs. Current crops include corn,sunflowers, sorgum and alfalfa. Oats, wheat and triticale are good winter crops in the area. Current owners have out-sourced the farming on a share crop basis. Excellent farm manager has agreed to stay on if needed.

Located near the center of the property is a beautiful ranch home. The house consists of 4 bedrooms, 4 baths along with kitchen, living, sitting and dining room. The home has 2 fireplaces and built in barbecue grills.

There are 2 employee houses totaling 8 bedrooms and 4 baths, barn and office.